Think Big Marketing Academy is the brainchild of Samuel Junghenn, Internet Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur and all round, Good Guy.

An excerpt of a recent interview sums up Samuel’s mission quite clearly.

“I have been helping businesses grow online for years and in the process I have sold millions of dollars of products and services online. The problem is, it wasn’t very fulfilling doing it for other people.

An example is an ecommerce store that I tripled their business in 5 months and when I told the owner, the first thing he said to me was “Do you think we could have done any better?”…

Not very inspiring!

“What really gets me going and fills my tank, is helping the little guys/girls that want to make a difference in the lives of others and seeing the flow on effect that has.

It’s the best feeling when you help someone with a challenge one week and they come back the next week over the moon, because what you told them, helped them bring in new clients who they could have a positive impact on.

That’s why I developed the Think Big Marketing Academy program, to help good people attract great clients using the internet.

I trained as a coach before Internet Marketing, so I’m now applying those skills in combination with my business and marketing skills to help small businesses grow online.

My goals are simple. Together with our amazing team of Marketing Specialists I want to have a positive impact on 100,000 businesses owners directly through coaching by 2020. Second I want every person that comes into the program to get a 10 times return on their investment.”

To find out more about the Think Big Marketing Academy program Click Here.

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