Cancellation and Refund Policy

As a leading provider of online education and coaching, Think Big Marketing Academy relies on its refund and cancellation policy to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase.

A client may cancel their membership at any time by using the cancellation link found at the bottom of this page or here.

Where a client has paid for 12 months in advance and has not utilised the full 12 months, they may request a partial refund for the remaining months.

Refund Eligibility
A client may request a refund if;
They have paid for a 12-month membership and have not entirely used the full months.
They have completed a full 12 months of the program and not at least made their money back they have invested in the program.

This refund policy strictly covers only the price of this Think Big Marketing Academy program and no other products or services mentioned within the 6 Figure Coach program.

The client also must provide accurate and ample proof that they have implemented what is taught in the program or advised by their coach.

To request a refund please email [email protected] along with a short description of why you would like to request a refund and we will respond accordingly within 2 business days.

Where a refund is deemed eligible Think Big Marketing Academy will issue a refund to the client within 14 business days.

Should a client not request a refund by contacting us at [email protected] first, but issue a charge back through the bank an admin fee of $40 + GST will be applied to the account.

Think Big Marketing Academy reserves the right to amend this refund and cancellation policy without notice.

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